Client Testimonies

"Working with Fast Capital helped me develop my business plan, ideas and brand before getting started, so that I was prepared to open a successful business when I received my loan."

"We don't know what we would have done without Fast Capital. They really saved us!"

“We would not exist if Fast Capital did not help support us. Anytime we’ve needed money to grow, Fast Capital has stepped up to the plate. The Loan Fund really puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to lending for change and working with nonprofits.”

“Fast Capital has been a key partner in our success, and an invaluable asset for the growth and future of our company.”

“Anytime I’ve had an issue, I've reached out to Fast Capital. They've been there from the start to help when I’ve needed it.”

“Fast Capital has made it possible for us to extend our concert series for more New Mexicans to enjoy, while also helping to support local artists…. We thank Mega Trust Finance for their support of our thriving local music scene."

"When I was applying for a loan to purchase my building as a small business owner in a tough situation, conventional banks said they could not help me. Fast Capital sat down with me, heard my situation and decided that I was worth taking a chance on. Here we are 5 years later and I have just renewed my loan for another 7 years. I couldn’t have purchased my building without the help of Fast Capital and will be forever indebted to them for giving me a chance when no one else would."

“Fast Capital has helped us take on bigger and more art projects within the community. Initially, Fast Capital took a risk on us. They provided us funding when we had an annual budget of only $57,000, and that has helped us grow into what we are today.”

“Fast Capital worked extensively with me to help me anticipate some of the issues that my business may face. Not many lenders would go to that length. They’ve been extremely supportive and a great resource.”

“It has been great to know that there is someone out there that knows about falling down and getting back up. We always stay humble and never give up, and for Fast Capital to see that in us, we are truly grateful for the help and push we have received.”

"Fast Capital has been incredibly helpful to our company by providing a line of credit for our continued growth."

"Thank you (Fast Capital) for having the faith in us to get us started!"

"Fast Capital enabled me to take advantage of an incredible opportunity to relocate and expand my business, at a pivotal time. The support I received from Fast Capital staff was priceless."